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How To Deal With Life

I am often stopped by concerned strangers in the street.  `Sarah, with such a busy and fulfilling lifestyle, how do you manage to keep your stress levels so marvelously in check and invisible to the naked eye?`

This, friends, is my secret. THE FACE NOTEBOOK!

In university, Best Friend used to do Mandalas to relax - studies have shown that coloring in is wonderful for lowering blood pressure and stress levels. Unfortunately for me, I am awful at it. They were so concerned about me in nursery school, my homeroom teacher had a meeting with the principal (MY GRAN, HA suckers!) who told Mrs. XX that `Sarah is obviously just too intelligent for such trivial pursuits.’ Or, something along those lines. What would I know? I was 5. I was outside Principal-Granny’s office eating cookies from her secretary and trusting that Mrs. XX was being let go. 

ANYWAY - the Face Notebook is a Japanese (kids) book with pages of empty faces : 

And about 5 pages of stickers : eyes, ears, mouths, noses, hair, hats, earrings, etc.

I tell you guys, I have never been more relaxed in my entire life.

The Boyfriend  made this one of a runny-nosed grandpa which is obviously a premonition of what he will look like in 40 odd years.

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